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Apple Inc. Explains to Users, Latest Face ID Feature of iPhone X Safe

There are different positive and negative reviews about the latest gadget from Apple, which is the iPhone X. Based on the recent news online, this technological gadget might immediately permits the law enforcement to reveal and gather personal information from the users.

They can access the information through the available facial recognition feature.

According from the news reports, this newest device features a non-finger lifting feature when a user needs to unlock the phone. This Apple-designed handset however reveals some concern about privacy invasion that might affect the users. The facial recognition feature of the newest iPhone X can permit the law enforcement to access the users’ personal information or data.

Apple Inc. definitely produced many inventive electronic gadgets already and proved its reputation as part of the advancing technology. The announcement last month however about the newest unit of Apple is another breakthrough worldwide. However, the issue about the protection of the personal information of the user somehow is bothering the people.

From the shared news report through, Apple designed the unit to allow the user in unlocking the phone without finger touching the screen and can open the device using the Face Identification. The giant tech company revealed this latest feature last month at the Steve Jobs Theater.

According to Phil Schiller as detailed by Forbes, he stated that the Face ID has the capacity to verify the face of the actual user and can adapt the face even if there are changes on the exact appearance of the owner or user. With the advanced TrueDepth camera system also as part of this handset device, Apples ensures that it will never fail to recognize the exact registered user because the camera features technological elements.

Schiller also said that the giant tech company worked with some professionals in Hollywood to complete testing for mask attacks. The company likewise believes that there is only a slight possibility that an unknown person can unlock the iPhone X if he or she is not the real owner.

Phil Schiller is the current Apple’s Senior Vice President.

Some concern users posted their personal opinion through social media and published online through They expressed what they believe is the exact advantage of the latest iPhone X and its facial recognition feature.

Apple however revealed that the users must not think negative because the inclusion of the rueDepth camera system with a special infrared lighting can recognize about 30,000 unseen dots on the exact face of the person who owns the device.

Therefore, it is impossible for anyone to unlock it without the exact recognition.

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